Inspiring Healthy Lifestyles Through Engaging and Educational Workshops

At Sprint Active Education, we believe in the power of an active lifestyle to foster growth, learning, and fun. Our Active Workshops are specially designed to teach children the importance of health and well-being while introducing them to exciting new sports and activities.

Health and Well-being Workshop

Teach children the foundations of a healthy lifestyle in a fun and interactive way:

Nutrition Education:

    • Learn to prepare and make nutritious meals.
    • Understand what makes a balanced diet.

Human Body Fundamentals:

      • Discover how the human body works.
      • Explore the benefits of regular exercise.

Daily Active Living:

    • Find practical ways to incorporate physical activity into daily life.

Specialist Sports Workshop

Expose children to a variety of new and exciting sports, promoting physical fitness and diverse athletic skills:

New Sports Introduction:

Experience sports they may not have tried before.

Learn basic techniques and rules of various games.

Skill Development:

Improve coordination, agility, and teamwork.

Enhance overall fitness through varied sports activities.

Olympic and Paralympic Workshop

Celebrate inclusivity and athletic excellence by introducing children to the spirit of the Olympic and Paralympic Games:

Multi-Sport Experience:

Participate in a range of Olympic and Paralympic sports.

Understand the values of sportsmanship and perseverance.

Inclusive Activities:

Discover the importance of diversity in sports.

Engage in activities designed for athletes of all abilities.

Outdoor Adventure and Education Workshop

Promote teamwork and survival skills in the great outdoors, fostering a love for nature and adventure:

Team Building Exercises:

Participate in challenges that require teamwork and leadership.

Strengthen collaboration and communication skills.

Survival Skills Training:

Learn essential outdoor survival techniques.

Gain confidence in navigating natural environments.

Nature Exploration:

Connect with nature through hands-on activities.

Develop environmental awareness and stewardship.

Why Choose Sprint Active Education?

Experienced Instructors: Our workshops are led by knowledgeable and passionate educators.
Inclusive Programs: We cater to children of diverse backgrounds and abilities.
Engaging and Fun: Our interactive approach ensures that learning is always enjoyable.
Lifelong Impact: Equip children with skills and knowledge that will benefit them throughout their lives.

Other Services

We pride ourselves on delivering tailor-made active education solutions that align with the unique needs and financial considerations of each client. Rest assured that our experts are trained to the highest standards to provide you with exceptional services. Find out more about how we can help you.

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Here’s what people are saying about


We the team coming into school they are a real positive influence on the children and the ethos of the
school. Thank you for all of your flexibility and for all of your support with PE, wraparound and
lunchtimes we will definitely recommend you all!

Head Teacher, Tudor Grange

I have been impressed with the level of provision offered by the team. They have been able to
accommodate our specific requirements by providing motivated, professional and suitablyqualified
coaches that have fitted well into our sports provision.

Head Teacher, Queen Mary's Grammar School

The team listens to our needs and act on our requests. The coaches have good knowledge, and are
willing to adapt and change if needed.

Head Teacher, St Michaels

Improving children’s health
and wellbeing through active