Holiday Camps

Action-Packed Holiday Camps to Keep Your Little Ones Entertained Every School Holiday

February Half Term

Get ready for an exciting and fun-filled half term holiday camp where adventures and exciting activities await your child!

Easter Holidays

We offer a wide range of exciting sports and activities, including Easter egg hunts, arts and crafts, outdoor games, and themed challenges.

May Half Term

Our May Holiday Camp is designed to keep your children engaged and active with a perfect balance of fun and development,


Give your kids an unforgettable summer camp with a wide range of exciting activities, team challenges, and more.

October Half Term

Our October Holiday Camp is the perfect choice for parents looking to provide their little ones with a memorable and enriching break.


This festive season, give your child the gift of an unforgettable holiday experience filled with fun, adventure, and friendships.

School Services

Our planned and progressive Curriculum PE sessions at Active Education are designed to inspire children to have fun while learning and staying active.

Curriculum PE

Our high-quality sports and physical activity programmes are designed to improve school PE and develop the physical literacy of children.

Sports Coaching

Our tailored sports coaching for schools is designed to enhance the skills, confidence, and overall well-being of students through engaging and dynamic sports activities.

Active Education

Designed to ignite a passion for physical activity among primary school students.

After School Clubs

Offers high quality after school clubs that provide a safe environment for children to learn new skills, develop friendships, and stay active.

Educational Coaching

Our innovative approach, experienced coaches, and tailored programs designed to meet the unique needs of each school.

Educational Sports

Focused on promoting holistic development, aiming to instil a love for learning through the joy of sports.

Schools Coaching

Designed to inspire and empower young athletes, fostering a love for sports and promoting physical well-being.

Wrap Around Care

we understand the importance of creating a nurturing and stimulating environment for students beyond the traditional school day.

Parent Services

For more than a decade, we have been offering enjoyable and educational services that aid parents.

Football Classes

Sessions for all levels of experience. For those new to football, our beginner classes focus on fundamental skills such as ball control, passing, and basic game tactics.

Holiday Clubs

Offering a secure, enjoyable, and supportive setting for children aged 4-11 years every school holiday, winning the hearts of both children and parents..

Half Term Holiday Clubs

Our holiday clubs are designed to keep kids active, engaged, and learning while having a blast during their time off from school.

Summer Camps

Curated range of exciting and educational summer camps designed to provide an enriching experience for children of all ages.

Breakfast Clubs

A welcoming and inviting environment where children can enjoy a balanced meal before starting their day of learning.

Summer stretches before you, filled with sunshine and seemingly endless free time for your child. But for many parents, this open space can also bring a touch of worry. How do you keep your child engaged, learning, and having fun? Summer camp can be the answer, but with a vast array of options available, choosing the right one can feel overwhelming. Fear not, parents! This guide will equip you with the knowledge to find the perfect summer camp fit for your child.

Step 1: Consider Your Child’s Interests and Needs

  • What lights them up? Do they crave artistic expression, love being outdoors, or have a thirst for knowledge? Look for camps that align with their passions: drama, nature exploration, or STEM activities.
  • What skills do they want to develop? Shy child? Consider a camp with a focus on social interaction. Budding athlete? Sports camps can hone their skills.
  • Age and maturity level: Consider overnight camps for older children who thrive on independence, while day camps are perfect for younger ones who may need a smoother transition.

Step 2: Explore Camp Options

  • Traditional vs. Specialty Camps: Traditional camps offer a variety of activities, while speciality camps focus on a specific theme like sports, music, or language immersion.
  • Day vs. Overnight Camps: Day camps allow children to return home each evening, while overnight camps offer an immersive experience fostering independence.
  • Location and Logistics: Consider travel time and pick-up/drop-off options. Overnight camps may require additional planning for packing and communication.

Step 3: Research and Ask Questions

  • Camp Websites and Brochures: Review camp websites and brochures for details on programs, staff qualifications, and safety protocols.
  • Contact the Camp Director: Don’t hesitate to ask specific questions about your child’s needs and interests.
  • Talk to Other Parents: Seek recommendations and insights from friends, family, and your child’s school about their camp experiences.

Step 4: Consider the Cost and Financial Aid

  • Camp fees can vary widely. Factor in additional costs like transportation, equipment, and spending money.
  • Many camps offer financial aid options. Check the camp website or inquire directly about scholarships or payment plans.

Step 5: Prepare Your Child for Camp

  • Get them Involved: Let your child participate in choosing a camp that excites them.
  • Address any Concerns: Talk openly about potential anxieties like being away from home or making new friends.
  • Pack Together: Packing can be a fun way to build excitement and ensure your child has everything they need.

Bonus Tip: Consider a Trial Run!  Some camps offer one-day or week-long sessions, perfect for first-time campers to experience the environment before committing to a longer program.

With careful planning and this guide in hand, you’re well on your way to finding the perfect summer camp for your child. Remember, a positive camp experience can create lasting memories, foster new skills, and set the stage for a summer of fun and growth!

Final Word

Summer camp can be a transformative experience for children, offering a chance to explore new interests, develop independence, and make lifelong friends.  If you’re looking for a camp that prioritizes fun, exploration, and discovery, visit Sprintactive UK to explore their exciting camp options!  They offer a variety of day camps suitable for a wide range of ages and interests, ensuring your child has an unforgettable summer adventure.

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