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February Half Term

Get ready for an exciting and fun-filled half term holiday camp where adventures and exciting activities await your child!

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We offer a wide range of exciting sports and activities, including Easter egg hunts, arts and crafts, outdoor games, and themed challenges.

May Half Term

Our May Holiday Camp is designed to keep your children engaged and active with a perfect balance of fun and development,


Give your kids an unforgettable summer camp with a wide range of exciting activities, team challenges, and more.

October Half Term

Our October Holiday Camp is the perfect choice for parents looking to provide their little ones with a memorable and enriching break.


This festive season, give your child the gift of an unforgettable holiday experience filled with fun, adventure, and friendships.

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Our planned and progressive Curriculum PE sessions at Active Education are designed to inspire children to have fun while learning and staying active.

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Active Education

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we understand the importance of creating a nurturing and stimulating environment for students beyond the traditional school day.

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For more than a decade, we have been offering enjoyable and educational services that aid parents.

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Sessions for all levels of experience. For those new to football, our beginner classes focus on fundamental skills such as ball control, passing, and basic game tactics.

Holiday Clubs

Offering a secure, enjoyable, and supportive setting for children aged 4-11 years every school holiday, winning the hearts of both children and parents..

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Our holiday clubs are designed to keep kids active, engaged, and learning while having a blast during their time off from school.

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As a leading provider of children’s sports and physical education experiences, we are passionate about implementing innovative and immersive approaches to enhance the well-being and development of young people. One such approach that has garnered significant attention in recent years is outdoor education, which encompasses activities such as hiking, camping, orienteering, and nature-based learning. The numerous benefits associated with outdoor education have placed it at the forefront of holistic approaches to children’s health and well-being.

In this article, we will delve into the powerful impact of outdoor education on children’s physical and mental health, exploring how it contributes to improved motor skills, facilitates social and emotional development, reduces stress, and fosters environmental awareness. Additionally, we will discuss practical strategies and tips for incorporating outdoor education into children’s lives, both at school and in their local communities and families, to help reap the full range of benefits that come with a deeper connection to nature.

Enhancing Motor Skills and Fitness Levels

Outdoor education provides a unique and engaging environment for children to develop and refine their motor skills and physical fitness. By engaging in activities such as navigating uneven terrain, climbing, and balancing, children can improve their gross and fine motor skills, strength, and coordination. Key benefits of outdoor education in enhancing physical development include:

  • Encouraging Movement and Exploration: The natural setting of outdoor education often motivates children to move and explore, cultivating an active lifestyle from a young age.
  • Diverse Physical Challenges: Outdoor education offers a variety of physical challenges, enabling children to develop a wide range of skills and abilities.
  • Establishing Lifelong Healthy Habits: Nurturing a love for nature and the outdoors can promote lifelong engagement in physical activity, contributing to children’s long-term health and well-being.

Fostering Emotional and Social Growth

Outdoor education can provide a fertile ground for the emotional and social development of children. By participating in activities with their peers and overcoming obstacles together, children learn valuable lessons about empathy, teamwork, and self-confidence. Some ways in which outdoor education contributes to emotional and social growth include:

  • Building Self-Esteem: Achieving success and overcoming challenges in outdoor education activities can give children a sense of accomplishment and pride, contributing to a healthy self-esteem.
  • Developing Resilience: Confronting unpredictable situations in nature can help children learn to adapt and persevere when faced with adversity.
  • Enhancing Interpersonal Skills: Group activities in outdoor education can spark teamwork, leadership, and problem-solving, fostering the growth of interpersonal skills necessary for healthy social relationships throughout life.

Reducing Stress and Encouraging Mindfulness

Nature has long been associated with feelings of tranquillity and peace, and outdoor education harnesses this connection to boost children’s mental well-being. By immersing themselves in the natural environment, children can experience the calming effects of nature, reducing stress and fostering mindfulness. Key mental health benefits of outdoor education include:

  • Stress Reduction: Studies have shown that spending time in natural settings can lower stress levels, improve mood, and contribute to overall mental well-being.
  • Encouraging Mindfulness: Outdoor education can provide opportunities for children to practice mindfulness, helping them learn to focus their attention on the present moment and savour the beauty of nature.
  • Boosting Cognitive Function: The stimulating environment of outdoor education can enhance children’s cognitive functions such as memory, concentration, and problem-solving abilities.

Promoting Environmental Awareness and Stewardship

By immersing themselves in the natural world, children can develop a deeper understanding and appreciation of the environment, fostering a sense of stewardship and responsibility for its preservation. Outdoor education provides ample opportunities for children to learn about the environment and sustainability issues. Critical aspects of environmental awareness in outdoor education encompass:

  • Hands-on Learning: Outdoor education encourages children to engage with nature and learn about the environment through direct, hands-on experiences, fostering a deeper connection with the natural world.
  • Understanding Sustainability: Activities such as gardening, composting, and conservation projects can teach children about sustainable practices and their impact on the environment.
  • Cultivating Empathy for Nature: By developing a love for the outdoors, children are more likely to feel a sense of responsibility and empathy towards the natural world, leading to a lifetime commitment to environmental stewardship.


Outdoor education is a powerful means of enhancing children’s physical and mental well-being, promoting their overall development by fostering a deeper connection with nature. By integrating outdoor education into children’s lives, parents, educators, and communities can create meaningful opportunities for growth and learning, equipping young people with the tools and experiences needed to flourish physically, emotionally, and cognitively.

As dedicated providers of children’s sports and physical education experiences, we remain passionately committed to embracing innovative approaches such as outdoor education, paving the way for children and families across the UK to lead healthy, fulfilling lives in harmony with the natural world. Contact Sprint Active Education today!

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