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Action-Packed Holiday Camps to Keep Your Little Ones Entertained Every School Holiday

February Half Term

Get ready for an exciting and fun-filled half term holiday camp where adventures and exciting activities await your child!

Easter Holidays

We offer a wide range of exciting sports and activities, including Easter egg hunts, arts and crafts, outdoor games, and themed challenges.

May Half Term

Our May Holiday Camp is designed to keep your children engaged and active with a perfect balance of fun and development,


Give your kids an unforgettable summer camp with a wide range of exciting activities, team challenges, and more.

October Half Term

Our October Holiday Camp is the perfect choice for parents looking to provide their little ones with a memorable and enriching break.


This festive season, give your child the gift of an unforgettable holiday experience filled with fun, adventure, and friendships.

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Our planned and progressive Curriculum PE sessions at Active Education are designed to inspire children to have fun while learning and staying active.

Curriculum PE

Our high-quality sports and physical activity programmes are designed to improve school PE and develop the physical literacy of children.

Sports Coaching

Our tailored sports coaching for schools is designed to enhance the skills, confidence, and overall well-being of students through engaging and dynamic sports activities.

Active Education

Designed to ignite a passion for physical activity among primary school students.

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Offers high quality after school clubs that provide a safe environment for children to learn new skills, develop friendships, and stay active.

Educational Coaching

Our innovative approach, experienced coaches, and tailored programs designed to meet the unique needs of each school.

Educational Sports

Focused on promoting holistic development, aiming to instil a love for learning through the joy of sports.

Schools Coaching

Designed to inspire and empower young athletes, fostering a love for sports and promoting physical well-being.

Wrap Around Care

we understand the importance of creating a nurturing and stimulating environment for students beyond the traditional school day.

Parent Services

For more than a decade, we have been offering enjoyable and educational services that aid parents.

Football Classes

Sessions for all levels of experience. For those new to football, our beginner classes focus on fundamental skills such as ball control, passing, and basic game tactics.

Holiday Clubs

Offering a secure, enjoyable, and supportive setting for children aged 4-11 years every school holiday, winning the hearts of both children and parents..

Half Term Holiday Clubs

Our holiday clubs are designed to keep kids active, engaged, and learning while having a blast during their time off from school.

Summer Camps

Curated range of exciting and educational summer camps designed to provide an enriching experience for children of all ages.

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A welcoming and inviting environment where children can enjoy a balanced meal before starting their day of learning.

As a dedicated provider of sports and physical education experiences for children, we are passionate about promoting comprehensive development, equipping young people with the knowledge, skills, and resilience they need to lead fulfilling and healthy lives. A vital aspect of this development process is building emotional resilience, which allows children to adapt to change, cope with stress, and navigate challenges effectively. Participation in sports and physical education has been shown to play a pivotal role in fostering emotional resilience in children, providing them with an invaluable tool for navigating the ups and downs of life.

In this article, we will discuss the ways in which sports and physical education contribute to the development of emotional resilience in children, including the cultivation of self-confidence, effective stress management, social connections, and goal-setting abilities. Additionally, we will present practical strategies for parents, educators, and coaches to incorporate in their day-to-day interactions with children, helping to build and nurture emotional resilience through sports and physical education.

Fostering Self-Confidence and a Positive Self-Image

Participation in sports and physical education is instrumental in developing self-confidence and a positive self-image in children. By gaining mastery over sports skills and witnessing their own improvement, children develop a sense of self-efficacy and belief in their abilities. Key factors that contribute to self-confidence include:

1. Positive Feedback and Encouragement: Receiving constructive feedback and praise from coaches, teachers, and peers can reinforce children’s self-esteem and bolster their confidence in their capabilities.

2. Setting and Achieving Goals: Establishing both short and long-term goals, and subsequently achieving them, is a powerful way to foster self-confidence in children.

3. Embracing Challenges: Encountering and overcoming challenges in sports and physical education can enhance children’s belief in their skills and their ability to face future obstacles.

Managing Stress through Physical Activity

Regular engagement in sports and physical education can offer a healthy outlet for stress management, equipping children with the ability to cope with life’s challenges more effectively. Physical activity has been shown to release endorphins, which can help reduce stress levels and improve overall mood. Additionally, sports and physical education can provide opportunities for children to learn essential stress management techniques, including:

1. Relaxation Techniques: Deep breathing, mindfulness, and progressive muscle relaxation are effective strategies for managing stress that can be introduced during sports and physical education sessions.

2. Problem-Solving Skills: Participation in sports often requires children to think critically and solve problems, which can help develop their ability to handle stressful situations.

3. Establishing a Healthy Routine: Incorporating regular physical activity into children’s daily routines can cultivate healthy habits that contribute to their long-term stress management.

Building Social Connections and Support Systems

The social nature of sports and physical education offers ample opportunities for children to form strong connections with peers and adults, providing them with valuable support systems as they navigate life’s challenges. Factors that contribute to the development of social connections include:

1. Teamwork and Cooperation: By learning to work together with other players, cooperate, and communicate effectively, children can form lasting relationships with their teammates and coaches in sports and physical education.

2. Leadership Development: Through sports, children can have opportunities to develop their own leadership style and qualities, fostering their ability to contribute positively to groups or teams and strengthening their social support networks.

3. Conflict Resolution Skills: Participation in sports provides children with chances to resolve conflicts in a constructive manner, forging more robust interpersonal connections and contributing to their overall emotional resilience.

Setting Goals and Cultivating Perseverance

Sports and physical education can help teach children the importance of setting goals and working diligently towards them. Through consistent effort and dedication, children can witness the rewards of hard work and goal achievement, instilling in them the ability to persevere and maintain motivation in the face of adversity. Some ways in which sports can encourage goal-setting and perseverance include:

1. Incremental Progress: Focusing on small, achievable goals can give children a sense of accomplishment, motivating them to continue working towards larger objectives.

2. Embracing Failure as an Opportunity: By learning to view failure as an integral part of the learning process, children can develop the ability to bounce back in challenging situations and continue striving towards their goals.

3. Long-term Commitment: Engaging in sports and physical education allows children to practice staying committed to their goals, fostering a sense of resilience and perseverance that can carry over into other aspects of their lives.


Sports and physical education play a vital role in fostering emotional resilience in children, equipping them with the tools and skills needed to cope with life’s challenges effectively. By nurturing self-confidence, effective stress management, social connections, and goal-setting abilities, sports and physical education can contribute significantly to children’s overall development and well-being. 

As dedicated providers of educational sports programs, we remain steadfast in our commitment to incorporating resilience-building practices into our programmes, supporting children and families across the UK in their pursuit of lifelong health and happiness.

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